Thank you for choosing HootBoard for your Kiosk solution. This document will explain how easily you can set up a “Powered by HootBoard” kiosk experience by installing HootBoard OS from an ISO file.

Table of contents.

  1. Required Reading
  2. Pre-Requisites.
  3. Download the HBOS ISO
  4. Burn the ISO onto a Flash drive
  5. Install HBOS on your kiosk Hardware
    1. Seeded Installation
    2. Un-Seeded Installation
  6. What’s next?
    1. Basic WiFi setup screen
    2. Basic Screen ID setup
    3. Changing the orientation
  7. Legacy Kiosk Admin Dashboard
    1. Gaining Access
    2. Change Screen Id
    3. Changing Network
      1. Connect to a new network.
      2. Disconnect from a Network
      3. Change Network related parameters

Required Reading

  1. What is HootBoard OS? HootBoard OS, or HBOS in short, is the custom operating system created by HootBoard for kiosks, built on top of Debian, a popular Linux Operating System. All kiosks powered by HootBoard will have HBOS pre-installed in them.
  2. Kiosk Admin UI - This is an admin interface on all kiosks powered by HootBoard to help admins manage basic tasks related to the kiosk. You access this by pressing a key combination and entering a passcode.
  3. Terminal: It is an application that lets you interact with the system using specific commands.
  4. Captive Portal: It’s a page that interrupts the typical user flow at the start of someone’s involvement in a network. For example, if I join WiFi at the airport, I might accept terms and conditions and view an advertisement. Its purpose varies by registering users, paying, and accepting T&Cs or ads.


  1. A fully-formatted USB drive with a minimum of 4GB of capacity.